Dripping Abstractions


“Thought is free.”
                                                                       William Shakespeare



Images, be they paintings or photographs, are my chosen means of expression to communicate what would otherwise remain unspoken.
The aim of my work is to capture and give voice to raw emotions, building a connection not only with otherness but also with my own subconciuos.
Distances dissolve through the creative process, enabling better understanding along the everlasting path to self awareness and personal growth.


Monica Gorini

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instagram : @gorinimonica


Drip Series

Architecture. I have been traveling the world and I have tried my best to document the journey with my camera. This is a short selection of some cityscapes or architectures who caught my attention.

Photography Awards

Black and White Photography .


               “Thought is free.”
                                                                                                       William Shakespeare

Monica Gorini

email :

instagram : @gorinimonica


Monica Gorini is an Italian-born artist living and working primarily in Milan.
After studying painting at The Academy of Fine Arts Brera, in Milan, she divided her time between teaching and creating . Her favorite topics are poetry, dreams and the beauty in people and nature but in the last few years she has developed a focus on respect for human rights.

She has done researches in architecture, colors, interior architecture and design in terms of their direct impact on people’s everyday lives.

Her photographic work has been singled out by international juries and she has received International awards and critical recognition.

Interested in creativity and mixing different artistic languages, she creates performance and installations where people is involevd and partecipate.

She has exhibited her work in New York as well as in Paris , London , Venice, Milan, Rome, Palermo.

She spent her time in London, Berlin and San Francisco for the latest visual researches.

At present she is part of the jury of Cross Award, 3rd International Performance Award

Monica Gorini Artist cv text and photos

Monica Gorini . Artist cv text 


Expositions, Performance, Installations 


 2017– 9th Pollux Awards, International Photography Exhibition, Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona

Reflecting on war ,  Installation of white books  , for  Woman’s essence .  Espace Comminees, Paris

2017- L’altro sguardo , Photographic exhibition.  IV Festival dell’espressività  , Società Umanitaria, Chiostro dei Glicini, Milano.

2017- Non una di meno, Opera condivisa e Performance , building a great Mandala of colored salt,  with 100 women artists . Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele,  in occasion of  the Woman’s Day, March


2016 – Berlin Foto Biennal.4th Biennal of fine art & Documentary Photography.Photographic exhibition Palace of Italy, Berlin

2016 – White books , Installation of artist books , Art exhibition, Sale del Bramante , Roma

2016 – War to war  ,  Installation of artist books , Finalist Arte Laguna Prize, Art exhibition , Nappe Arsenale, Venezia.

2016 – I sogni da Karim a Lin , Photographic exhibition . “Festival “The right to be children” . Villa Forno , Milan.

2016 – Reflecting on war,  Installation of white artist books .EA Gallery , Palermo.

2016 – Dreamland Photographic exhibition , The Se Center for Photography, Greenville, South Carolina.


2015White books . Installation of artists books ,  Hit Parade , Mauto, Museo dell’Automobile, Torino.

2015 – White books,  Installation of artist books .  “Ordine o Caos?”. Paratissima, XI edizione di Paratissima a Torino.

2015 – L’albero della vita, Performance live  with the paricipation of  di  Blind and visually impaired people, performance and  dance  with  live music . III Festival dell’Espressività, Società Umanitaria , Milano , Associazione Artelier,  Milan.

Travelers all together ,Performance live.  Event for 3rd intercultural day Bicocca”MUOVERSI VERSO”. Places of the city, intercultural dialogues. Università degli studi di Milano Bicocca .

2014 – Exposes personal works in the on line gallery of Saatchi & Saatchi.

2014 – The way” and “ Touchsenses”, multisensory sculptures,  Exhibition . Space IBVA Milano “Festival “the right to be children ”, organized by Università Bicocca di Milano and the Municipality of Milano.


2013 – Con-ta-ci  , Performance, building a great  mandala made of colored salt. Padiglione. Artistic works related to the 55 Biennale di Venezia.

2013 – I luoghi dell’immaginario, Photographic exhibition .Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milano.

2013 – White books,  Installation  of artist books. Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milano.

2013 – Star’s Labyrinth,  Performance live building a great installation made of artist’s books.  Spazio O.C.A Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milano.


2012 – I sogni da Karim a Lin,  Photographic Exhibition . Triennale Design Museum , Milan.

2012 – European mosaic,  Paintings,   Cultural contact IV, Galerie Espace Montréal , Canada.

2012 – Tribute to Marily , Paintings. , Time Square for Art Takes Miami  , New York.

2012 – Tribute to Marilyn, Paintings . Carrousel du Louvre , Salon Art Shopping , Paris.


 2011 Another view ,  Photographic Exhibition .Institute of the Blind Art in mind , Milan.

2011 – Art in Mind , Digitally art . Brick Lane Gallery , London.

2011 – Another view 2,  Photographic Exhibition. Space sun and moon, Municipality Milan


2010 – Sentieri , Exhibition of paintings and photographs. Center of art and creativity,  Edu-art , Milan.

2010 – Stargate. , The “estasi” of the senses, Multisensory installation in the dark,  inside the V Biennale Internazionale , Ferrara.

2010 – Touch me for the  Project : “the five senses”.  Multisensorial sculpture , Ferrara. Gallery L’Altrove.


2009Le corps et la poésie,  Photographic Exhibition ,  Galerie Corrado Bortone , Paris.

2009 – The way,  Sculpture ,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York, Multi-modal approaches to learning, creativity and communication.


2008In defens of women’s rights. Photographic Exhibition Municipality of Milan

2008 – Discovering the invisible,  Installation. Center of art and creativity Edu-art , Milan.

2008 – The way, Multisensory sculpture, Center of art and creativity Edu-art , Milan .

2008 -Kaleidoscopio,  Performance, theatrical and multisensory work for Blind people and visually impared people.


2007 Discovering the invisible, sculptures. The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York. . Poster Session. Conference: Multi-modal approaches to learning, creativity and communication.

2007 – Polisensorial performance , photographs and Sculptures , Circle cultural P. Bentivoglio , Milan .

2007 – Discovering the invisible. Installation and Sculptures,  Center of art and creativity Edu-art ,Milan .

2007 – Paintings , Municipality of Castelnuovo Garfagnana,  Tuscany .

2007 – Don’t’ lose the Memory , Kailbakh, Installation , Autobiographical work. Bergamo.


2006Tarahumara  Dialogues of the soul . Working with musicians of Quartet project, the company Scarlattine theatre and Gioia Aloisi.

2006 – Dripping and  Paintings.  , Hotel Select , Elba Island , Tuscany.


The SE Center for                 Photography,  Greenville , South Carolina